Pezhman Motlagh

Regional Operations Manager, Intertak SAI Global

Industry sector

Dairy Frozen foods Fruits, vegetables & nuts Ingredients (for industry) Meat, poultry and fish Multi-product Other Restaurants Retail Snacks/confectionary Soft drinks

Job level/seniority


Did you attend a 2023/24 Food Sure Summit?


What are your biggest challenges in compliance management?

Differing auditing standards

What are your biggest challenges in safety management?

Workforce: staff retention, training, quality & safety as a culture

In what way are supply chains affecting food safety & quality?

Increasingly complex and globalised supply chains

To what extent does advanced technology play a role in your food safety program?

Advanced technology is used on the factory floor

To what extent are budgets constraining food safety & quality improvements?

The latest tech can be very expensive